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Since you guys loved my last mukbang video where I talk about my relationship life, I decided to film me getting ready for a date with @SmashboxCosmetics. I usually do not wear makeup on a date, but I decided to wear makeup this time and see how it went. During the video I am spilling CHISME on my date and where we are going, how we started talking, I tell a few stories and a bunch of more chisme. I was super nervous while getting ready por que girl... It's been a minute since I've been on a date!! I did a super natural glam, smooth my skin and not look toooooo extra. You know, algo casual. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and got some good laughs! #SmashboxPrimer #BehindEveryGreatFace
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Louie's Life
  • Louie's Life

    Louie's Life

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    Do you guys want the chisme on how it went.... por que aiiiii sssstupidas

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      victor manuel delgado

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      When is Karla coming back btw yes plz

    • Jasmine Hopkins

      Jasmine Hopkins

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      You're funny I love you

    • Jasmine Hopkins

      Jasmine Hopkins

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      U.so.funny Love you xoxoxo

    • Ajla Alibegic

      Ajla Alibegic

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      Work it badest berrrrrha

    • Ajla Alibegic

      Ajla Alibegic

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      Love You louie

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    Rachel Agee

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    Brushes invisible hair with a knife

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    Joanna Soriano

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    Hi I’m a ssstopida

  • Janet Suarez

    Janet Suarez

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    Is it just me or does everyone else love when Louie does the little scream HEHE

  • Janet Suarez

    Janet Suarez

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    Omg the thumbnail picture he put and edit a lot made me laugh so much

  • Curly Top

    Curly Top

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    What is a “Chile appointment”

  • Zoey Rodriguez

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  • Guadalupe Mora

    Guadalupe Mora

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    Is this when you met chile

  • Nachy Quiñones

    Nachy Quiñones

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    I love when he screams HEEHEE😂 ew why I sound like michael jackson😭

  • Miranda Ramos

    Miranda Ramos

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    When he said 'y con quien creen que me encontré "i was like "ummmmm......a cringe ass Bish who dosent mind her business......then he said "MI TIA"and i was like AY NOOOOOOOOO😬🤦‍♀️

  • Nayy Lac

    Nayy Lac

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    you make me laugh 😂

  • Angela Sanchez

    Angela Sanchez

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    Louie: (brushin his hair with uhh
    knife) 😭💀👋🏼’

  • Vanessa Cabrera

    Vanessa Cabrera

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    Is he Anthony?

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    Hey gorgeous 😘😎

  • Haixbxby !!

    Haixbxby !!

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    Lmao you made me laugh so hard Through this video 😂😅!You do you!And u look great with makeup and without!

  • Glicenia Chavez

    Glicenia Chavez

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    You should have a chesm Channel

  • Maria Aguilar

    Maria Aguilar

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    I like how you are 😂 funny and I like como eres que hablas las dos cosas en tus videos español y inglés ❤️

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    Danielitaiyta miau

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    Hahah 😹 it might hilarious having you as a brother 😹😹.

  • iitzramii


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    Louie is ME running away saying “TODOS” when my mom starts asking too many questions 🤣

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    haley h to da m

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  • Cindy Flores

    Cindy Flores

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    Who the guy

  • lily Hernandez

    lily Hernandez

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    Where does Louie live ?

  • Twainikka Frank

    Twainikka Frank

    11 ամիս առաջ

    Omg!!!! Louie!!!! Do you know if the smashbox primer is good on scares???? I'm asking because I was in a car accident and my scares are pretty bad and noticable.

  • Andrea Hernandez

    Andrea Hernandez

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    All are parents are like that lol ❤️

  • Eileen Guerrero

    Eileen Guerrero

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    Louie- I haven’t been on a date for a long time
    Louie- earlier in the video last week huh is one week a long time ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



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    Wish I had Louie’s self esteem

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    Patricia Kinney

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    Porque do I love you sooooooo much sussss!!! Yasssss i am so glad you you speak Spanish because I have been learning for about 7 months and you are not only going to help me with that and you always make me laugh 😂 so much me encanta tú!!!

  • Laura Merino

    Laura Merino

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    date is > cita!!!! para la próxima

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  • Johnny Sanchez

    Johnny Sanchez

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    Louie's Mom: "Cual friend?"
    Louie in his head: "fuck abort mission ABORT ABORT"

  • M McC

    M McC

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    You are me trying to curl my left eyelash TEN TIMES 🤣

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    Stephanie Amaria

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    What lip products are you using

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    Larisa C

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    Date----cita ;)

  • Yamileth Valdez

    Yamileth Valdez

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    Que significa eso y como se escribe? 1:15

  • Fernando Garcia

    Fernando Garcia

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    Is it just me or did the makeup around his eyes not really match the rest of his face

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    Judith Perez

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    The baddest perra 😍

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    Ashley Tavarez

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    Stevonna Nunya

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    Stevonna Nunya

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    Emely De La Rosa

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    "& you know who I ran into MY TIA" I DIED💀💀💀💀

  • Italia and Fabian

    Italia and Fabian

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    I’ve watched all your videos Loiue.. I can’t get enough of you LOL

  • Lissette Alvarez

    Lissette Alvarez

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    Was watching video after video and I just couldn’t then I thought “hold the fuck up what am I doing , straight clicked on Louie’s channel and let me tell you I am enjoying this . :) this is what I needed. 😂

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    Rossy __

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    Voy a “cenar” lol

  • Sera Hernandez

    Sera Hernandez

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    I am literally going through soooo much in my life right now... like I have hit rock bottom and me watching you... you and your videos are helping me get through it all! Please don’t stop posting!

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    Clairvoyant Manners

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    Kassandra Cruz

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    Coochie Gang

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    Liliana Sanchez

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    Ruben Zavala

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