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My teeth have always been an insecurity for me. I was not happy with my smile, which is why I never smiled in pictures, but now that has all changed thanks to my dentist!! I wanted to bring you guys along this journey with me. I always want to be super open with you guys and this was going to be a dramatic change to me. I wanted to spill the chisme and my experience incase any of you have ever thought about veneers. I am super happy with my new smile and can not stop smiling. Thank you guys for all the love and support. I LOVE YOU---------------------------
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NH Dentistry Beverly Hills
Dr. Neil N. Hadaegh
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Louie's Life
  • Louie's Life

    Louie's Life

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    Estoy chimuleo

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      *chimuelo 😂

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      Porque no pones subtitulos al español😣 no es mucho pedir ❤te amo

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      Louie's Life que guapo el dentista 🦷 mmmmm he looks yummy



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      Pero eso debe costar las perlas de la virgen... algun dia me los hare yo tambien cuando sea famosa como tu .. echenme un 👀 no seas ESTUPID@@@@@S 🤣

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      Ale Hinohu hi do I know you? Why did you say my hi lol? 😅

  • Stefanny Erazo

    Stefanny Erazo

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    Omg same I hate when I’m like extremely laughing or actually smiling my gums hella show and mi novio be roasting me 😭😑

  • kristina l

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    they look so natural boo

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    I can't stop looking at his teeth there beautiful😍💓😍💓

  • Santana


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    I got mine today and yes it is painful that alambre pain tho ! I felt like metal was just rubbing on my teeth 😫

  • Melissa Campos

    Melissa Campos

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    Omaaiiggaa your dentist mujer esta super chulo...a ese si me le aviento...😂😂 Resvaloossaaa😂 any how your teeth are Beautiful 😁

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    the joker

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    Mine are yellow yours are whitw

  • the joker

    the joker

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    At léast your teeth are better than mine

  • Gisel Medina

    Gisel Medina

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    Omg my fangs are so pointy and stick out too🥺like I deadass look like imma suck someone's blood. And my teeth be hella fucked up I hate my teeth so much my smile is one of my biggest insecurities. I just wanna be able to smile and feel good about my smile😔

  • Taehyung's Wife Miley Xoxo

    Taehyung's Wife Miley Xoxo

    4 ամիս առաջ

    He's so lucky to get those! I have to wear fucking braces for two years and now I have to wear rubber bands for a few months

  • Melissa Olivares

    Melissa Olivares

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    Omg perra!!!! They look soooo good and natural 😍😍 my teeth are the same, seeing this makes me want to change them and get some veneers!

  • Camila Andrea Gomez Hernandez

    Camila Andrea Gomez Hernandez

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    Love love this for you. 😁😁😁 I'm all for veneers. I've been wanting these, but once I get the money I'm doing it 😊

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    How much did it cost??

  • quirogak14


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    Would you be able to talk about how much this procedure is typically?

  • Alondra Topete

    Alondra Topete

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    Literally have been wanting veneers because I love that straight perfect look but I'm so scared because of the pain! I'm almost fully convinced after this!

  • Emilie Ramos

    Emilie Ramos

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    Roughly around how much were your veneers ?

  • Michelle Vargas

    Michelle Vargas

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    I love you so much Louie, your personality makes me so happy ❤️🥰

  • Alejandro Villa

    Alejandro Villa

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    oiga perra do a hair tutorial i love your hairdo

  • Idah Jimenez

    Idah Jimenez

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    Why isn’t anyone talking about how hot his dentist was 😆

  • Alejandra Life and creations

    Alejandra Life and creations

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    How much was it ??

  • Ángela Madrid

    Ángela Madrid

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    Cute I mean

  • Ángela Madrid

    Ángela Madrid

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    OMG bitch you sooo dam pretty and cutr

  • EnTouch Wind River Reservation

    EnTouch Wind River Reservation

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    That’s my dream to fix my teeth how much did u pay 💰 because u didn’t mention price you look. Gorgeous 👑

  • Jasmine Lesova

    Jasmine Lesova

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    The doctor doe 😍😍😍

  • Yara Nicole Ortiz

    Yara Nicole Ortiz

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    he never said how much. I did the research and it’s like anywhere between $900- $2,500 PER tooth. That’s anywhere from $5,400 to $15,000? The average person can’t afford that and dental insurance doesn’t cover it. Yeah it looks great but it comes with a high cost 🙄

  • Naz A

    Naz A

    7 ամիս առաջ

    Not forever, just another 10-15 years until you have to get them redone

    • Yara Nicole Ortiz

      Yara Nicole Ortiz

      7 ամիս առաջ

      Naz A is that factual?

  • Vero Diaz

    Vero Diaz

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    Parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra looks nice

  • Yasmin Nava

    Yasmin Nava

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    Louie how much was it?

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    Esme Gut

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    I liked his before smile.

  • lolosmomma85 lolosmomma85

    lolosmomma85 lolosmomma85

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    My teeth are so fuckin ugly! I hate them . I feel like I am so smart & have so much potential to do YT too but it's my damn teeth that hold me back but damn Veeners are soooo ridiculously expensive. I wish I had the $$$ to fix them. These 🦷 are very beautiful Louie

  • Luz Hope

    Luz Hope

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    Ok! Who else fainted that doctor so freaking sexy 5:05

  • Craxed FN

    Craxed FN

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    Like if you see this and watching in 2020

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    Alexiah Serrano

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    Isamar Ochoa

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    Nancy Valdovinos

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  • Daniella Ruiz

    Daniella Ruiz

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  • tnbc93


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  • Karina E

    Karina E

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    My teeth were extremely bad but they look better thanks to Invisalign. They look good but I would prefer adult braces or Invisalign.

  • Monica Young

    Monica Young

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    Picture perfect 👌

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    Anna Marquez

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    Vanessa Ornelas

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  • Karla •Torri

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  • Laura Martinez

    Laura Martinez

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    i feel you so muchhh 💙 my biggest insecurity was my teeth & after my braces i can’t stop smiling & i love my teeth. your smile is so beautiful after & before 😍💙

  • Delaney Chairez-

    Delaney Chairez-

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    I wish Louie will like my comment but that never going to HAPPEN

  • Äaron Løpez

    Äaron Løpez

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    Sorry to burst your bubble but veneers do fall off they aren’t there forever. 😏

  • ashley young

    ashley young

    11 ամիս առաջ

    This is such a great video!!! Im insecure about my teeth tambien pero im just a fan of you and broke to get mis lentes like yours!! AND its do hard to find great doctor to do a great job you kno !!!

  • Mom Mukbang Yum Yum

    Mom Mukbang Yum Yum

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    Richi Bonilla

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    Maribel Ochoa

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  • Scarlett sapphire

    Scarlett sapphire

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      Melissa Campos

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    Aleena Tenbrink

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