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I have been wanting this car for SOO long!! And never in a million years did I think I was going to buy it porque i'm a CODO!! I was going to vlog me going to look at the cars but I did not do it because I was not expecting me to buy it. I kept the car a secret and did not tell anyone except my family of course. In this video I show you guys my car and my friends reaction. AND NOOOO I AM NOT DOING THIS TO "SHOW OFF"! You guys know I like to share my life with you wether that's chisme or anything else. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and got some good laughs!! :)
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Louie's Life
  • Louie's Life

    Louie's Life

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    SSSSTUPIDAS!!! Help me name her!!💖 I suck at coming up with names💀

    • Jorge Mujica

      Jorge Mujica

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      Miriam Del Angel

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      Call her perra

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      ThatsLilyyy _

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      Lily or perra or karla

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    • Toriee Luna

      Toriee Luna

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      Zarai Stassy

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    The perra mobile

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    The perra Mobile

  • Paola A

    Paola A

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    Y se prende la estupida, 😂
    I'm in love with your videos and you

  • Sabastion Rivera

    Sabastion Rivera

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    Because the inside is brown and the outside is black

  • Sabastion Rivera

    Sabastion Rivera

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    Black coffee

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    las ideas de Rosy

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    Y se prende la estupida 😂💖

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    The perra Mobil

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    Te lo merecesss!❤️❤️❤️

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    11 months old but here i am excited and smiling wide as hell 😍😁😁😁

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    im a hispanic louie please notice me please im your biggest fan

  • Dayanara Torres

    Dayanara Torres

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    I kinda want a tesla

    David.......I'm available for a free tesla yk-

  • Max Moreno

    Max Moreno

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    You should name her STUPIDAS



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    Hahaha I watch this for the 3 time and I still laughing about the universario

  • Erika Campos

    Erika Campos

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    Name your car frida o la best perra

  • Adriana Rivera

    Adriana Rivera

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    11:27 is me asf peeking through the window when the Jehovah witness at my door

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    Petra the stupida

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    9:46 😂😂😂🚒🚨🚨

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    Que mii 😂. Que mi miras ssssstupidaa

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    Im sooooo happy for you Louiee!!!!!!

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    Louinerva 😂

  • Dante Duvyan

    Dante Duvyan

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    Gia Bianca

  • Briyana


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    9:45 had me dead!! 🤣🤣

  • Maribel Zapata

    Maribel Zapata

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    I'm so proud of you congratulations you deserve it all 🙏💕

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    Carie B🚗

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    Alexa Marquez

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    What mode is it ?

  • Mickey Madero

    Mickey Madero

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    I feel like you jacked adore Delano’s way to talk

  • ye ye

    ye ye

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    Que hermosa esta tu camioneta, Dios te béndiga para que sigan llegando cosas tan bonitas a tu vida, te quiero un chingo y 2 montones mas!

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  • Destiny Chavez

    Destiny Chavez

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    Esta muy bonita tu carro y esta chula💗💗💗

  • Xluca slaysX

    Xluca slaysX

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    Now Louie can pick up hombres in style but if Louie needs to run from the cops gotta hop in Kyle

  • Christina Alvarez

    Christina Alvarez

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    I love Yami she is so humble ❤❤❤ and you should name her Diamond 💎

  • Ma327


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    5:37 when there’s a mosca in your room

    • Marina Chavez

      Marina Chavez

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      Ma327 facts😂💀



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    Ñame her la “PIRRURIS” 😌



    9 ամիս առաջ

    This has always been my dream car 😭😭🤩😍😍❤️

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    C D

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    Yesss perra 👍🏼👍🏼👑👑👑

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    Cristy Gonzalez

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    Life car

  • luxaholic anonymous

    luxaholic anonymous

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    You should name your car CHILE TRAP 😜🥴🤓😃

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    Anna Marquez

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    Name her blanca

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    Daniela Flores

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    Call it "LA BLANCA" lol 😎👌

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    Life with Ximena hello

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    The best car

  • Jonathan world

    Jonathan world

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    nathan Castro

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    I have a land rover

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    Mom Oof

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    Gucci Petra mobilr

  • Mimi Salinas

    Mimi Salinas

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    Omg yes this is my dream car tooo🥰🥰🥰 congratulations perraaaaaa😍😍😍 i love it! That car is so you!!!!!!!!! So proud of you 👍🏼

  • Yolanda Mora

    Yolanda Mora

    11 ամիս առաջ

    😍 OMG Louie I know the feeling I just bought myself my dream car as well after having my first car for over 15 years already, I'm so happy for you congratulations 🎉

  • Qt Luke

    Qt Luke

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    Vanessa or perra mobile

  • Lexy Garriga

    Lexy Garriga

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    STUPIDDDDAAAA that’s my dream car toooo I’m sooo proud of you getttt ittt 🤪🤪❤️

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    Ana 4354

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  • MRT Compilation YT

    MRT Compilation YT

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  • Yajaira Partida

    Yajaira Partida

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    I’m super late Louie, congrats getting your Range Rover 💜💜💜💜 It looks soooooo niceee black rims. You deserve it

  • Antonio Ortega

    Antonio Ortega

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    Are u a boy

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    The intro 😂😂

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    Name it Nikki

  • J R

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    I don’t give a fuck , this dude is a fucking freak



    11 ամիս առաջ

    Pa que me sale esta madre en recomendados , yo tengo mi troca de hombre , una YUKON DENALI , esa madre si es de nombre con un pinshi 6.2 litros V8 no esta madre V6 twin turbo

  • Notka D

    Notka D

    11 ամիս առաջ

    A guess I should do a YOUTUBE video as well on my new car. I have never done this before, a guess I should try. I bought a Range Rover Evoque HSE 2020 and it’s fabulous. Actually, I preordered because I build my own car with things I want.

  • Luwany Gonzalez

    Luwany Gonzalez

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    Can you give me your honest opinion on this car?

  • A'mahds Vlogs

    A'mahds Vlogs

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    Name the car ronda

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    Pebble the Testicle

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    Wow I love the energy in this video YASS BADD PUTTAS PERIOD

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    Gracias amoorr love you so much



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    Im so happy for youuu

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    Ben M

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    He’s like a gay Dora teaching me Spanish 😂

    • Ethan Nguyen

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  • Kevin González

    Kevin González

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    I dare you to do 24 hours and YouTube with your boyfriend

  • Kevin González

    Kevin González

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    I like the same sackley car do you have That's why is so Pretty and beautiful I have a Dream Chords How do you get what you want YouTube YouTube

  • Kevin González

    Kevin González

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    I love you you always make my day when I'm sad you make me happy and you could always get whatever you want

  • Jorge G

    Jorge G

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    yo pense que esta era la divaza

  • Keyen


    11 ամիս առաջ

    Name for the car:
    Louis: (Loucar)

  • Aaron Adderley

    Aaron Adderley

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    My dream car is that 💦 roll on 2021

  • janette piñeiro zapata

    janette piñeiro zapata

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    Abri este pensando que era “LA DIVAZA” jajajaja

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    Sergio Donis

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    Im new here pero im happy i found you 😂😂

  • ByCoco GR

    ByCoco GR

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    WTF! your gay men, it ok but why you talk about you like you where a woman. Makes me mad 😡

  • Karla Marquina

    Karla Marquina

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    Pense que eras la divaza :(

  • StephanieMarsz


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    Nice 👍

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    Copia de la divaza

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    Iralaaaaa!! Andas a pata mi reynaaa 😍😍😍

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    You should call her "la perrona"

  • Alex A

    Alex A

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    This is my first time that I watch a video from her and I FUCKING LOVE IT!!
    Love you guuuuurrrlll!

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    Iris Uribe

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  • brina Bautista

    brina Bautista

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    Julena Brina Louisa jaylessa raelynn

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    cristina fabian

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    I love how you show mad love to yami considering the fact that she’s been ur best friend since forever so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Hector Mendoza

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    Arianaaaa can nevaaaa 😂

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    Jocelyn Saldana

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    What is the series of the car? I love it!

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    Camilla Cardenas

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  • Babs


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    First video And I’m realizing that I might need to download duolingo😅 i didn’t Understand half of what Was being said

  • Norma Yanette.

    Norma Yanette.

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    Soo happy for you !❤️

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